I deliberately make glass with a random factor, an aspect beyond my control. I try to use colour, techniques and patterns to affect my work in a natural and fluid way. I try to work with the glass rather than completely imposing my own constrictions.”
And on inspiration :”My inspiration is the backbone to my work – it is the driver for change. From the magic of water – I have always especially loved rock pools ( I have albums of photographs taken over the years of different pools in different places). Lately the flow of the tide is becoming an intrinsic part of my work, both in pools, the beaches and the sea. The reflection of sunlight as the tide pulls back and forth on the plants and creatures in the water is a constant source of wonder. Glass captures the qualities I love about the sea and water in a fluid way as no other can.
Recently I am getting more influenced by the landscape around the levels, the relationship and colours of the sky and land. I love looking at what joins them, the rhynes, reeds and willows. The colours in the hedges. The dimpsey sky in the river outside my workshop door. The lilies swaying just under the surface of the water. Even the cliched flash of the kingfisher which lives just up the bank. It always amazes me how close all this stuff is – you just need a bit of time to have a look”